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If there’s anything that drives me to sheer madness, it’s a computer. I’ve been obsessed since the 70s & 80s. A child of the times, an adventurer since birth, and as stubborn as a mule. Soooooo many countless hours spent delving into how it works- And more than not, why the hell it wasn’t. Which led to my current computer life: the smart phone in my purse.

Imagine my frustration when the present Starz storm landed on my doorstep. I tried everything conceivable. Each day only brought more dead ends. Exasperated, I turned back to my old friend Google. It shared all the complaints about accessing Starz through Roku, Hulu, Fire something-something, etc. I was ready to head to Twitter and scream my own irritability @starz and @roku. No one appeared to have a solution, and empty platitudes from the companies did naught to assure my concerns. I didn’t see any up-to-date ideas. Only wtf’s.. What else to do?!? Quit? Re-sign up? Why not? Simple, yes? Maybe….

I knew signing up would do little to side step the connection to the roku channel and allow a new path. Nor would my subscription end until the month expired. So I left it intact, and signed up anew. (Why not, right? There’s a free trial..) Well it worked.

  • *Important to note: I used a different email account NOT associated to my roku. Although my system was recognized, and it still prompted the old association, I ignored it and it forged a new connection. (I may be double charged anyway. It’s roku after all) I also accessed through the “streaming” option. For the same $8.99, I now watch the original Starz app through my Roku box.

Hope it works for you too!


Shortened version:

1. Went online, signed up for the streaming channel (NOT thru roku)- new email & pw.

2. loaded proprietary Starz app on my roku (not “Roku Channel”), avoided using any roku credentials.

3. My TV was recognized anyway, I received notice onscreen: no new charges. šŸ™‚ even better!

4. VIOLA. Direct access to Starz.

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