I ran to the store today. I only needed a few things. I shouldn’t have gone. Not right then

It was a pleasant morning, I awoke feeling alive and proceeded to read several blogs about sex. My phone dinged but I wasn’t expecting it, so I kept reading. After a few steamy articles I checked my new email account that i set up for my new bdsm profile. There was an email from my new naughty friend. So many “new”s..

We started chatting. It was easy. There were a few cultural differences, but it was handled seamlessly. He was at work. I, still snuggled in warmly in bed. The talk turned more sexual in nature. My panties were damp. I went to the bathroom a few times to dry my wayward lips. Stupid cunt, misbehaving already. 💕

The talk continued through the morning, as light awoke the day, we titalated and teased. He was “gagging for a wank”. I was getting randy and jiggling. Life interrupted occasionally. We talked of music, life, and my ass. I fantasized, and shared a couple of pictures. He was doing his work things and working on tingling my things. It’s not difficult, I admit. My hand wanders between my legs easily. It was. It does. It is. But my errands couldn’t wait and I figured he would be eating lunch or doing some worky stuff. I was sitting in my panties and loose white tee and another email came.

Two words. “Gonna play.”  Was it a statement? A question? I don’t know, It was all I could think about but I needed to jet out. Can’t think about that now! I sent off my quick goodbyes, slipped on my leggings, a short fuzzy coat, my warm boots, and zipped out the door. I was dirty. Filthy actually, and all I could think of were showers and wanking and thick cocks and wet cunts. This was a major distraction. I still had my playlist running tunes through my head, and realized the radio was on too. Sex ran on an endless loop. Sex sex sex. Tingling and jiggling and the music ran through my ears, wiggled my bum, to tip tap out my feet and in the door and what did I need?? Oh yes, some tea, how much did I have at home? When I get home I need a shower, hmmm warm shower, some good tunes.. I can masturbate. Wank. Hehe. Sex. Sec sex SEXY. Ok, teas, snacks, I’m hungry, hungry for sex.. where are the Cheetos? OH.. this will do. Go check out. There’s a line, I’m not sure, oops, there’s the end. It’s crowded in here today.. Jiggle jingle. Do-do-be-doo. She’s cute. He’s cute too. Are they together? Hmm. Cute couple. Can’t tell they seem to know each other. OH, father and daughter. He’s smiling at me, cute smile. Ok finally my turn. Hmmm…

..And this is where it goes wrong because I’m not paying attention at ALL…

I’m still listening to music in one ear,  bent over the counter, kinda bouncy, asking the cashier for some juul pods, (they really are difficult to find these days) I’m asking all kinds of questions, chatting up the cashiers, one gal I know, the other is in training, she’s a cutie and I realize I’m flirting with them, we’re laughing.. and suddenly my mind becomes aware that a man is standing behind me and MY hand is on MY ass, feeling myself up. And it’s doing quite a good job of it!

Slowly I slid the roguish hand to the front side of my body. I spy the gentleman out of the corner of my eye as he leaned forward enough to see my face. Grinning impishly, I pulled the scarf a little higher to my nose. I’d taken to hiding my face a little more, in public, since joining..YOU KNOW…bdsm and all.. oo so taboo. I don’t know who might recognize me now. I guess this is something I have to come to terms with. The various parts of me have differing opinions. Ying yang.

Hehe.  I’m an exhibitionist. I am used to attention in that way. Men, women, they always looked at me. But here I was having a sexual moment, in front of another, in PUBLIC, unbeknowst to me. Outed by my own self. I start to throb as I remember and begin writing this blog. Maybe I should have stayed home and wanked.

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