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This blog will not follow any chronological order until a later date, TBD. When I have enough content, I will attempt to categorize; until such time, it’s a free for all.

These are the stories of my life.

Some are fictional tales from my imagination. I have written poetry since childhood, created for my own reflection and enjoyment. They will also be included. Although most of my poems are born out of feelings, it would be a mistake to assume any particular importance to a piece, unless otherwise stated. Please ask if you have any questions.

Trigger Warning• galore, some writings will bubble up from the painful moments no one should ever endure.

I have the right to speak up. I will not be intimated or silenced by online bullies & trolls. You will be ignored or removed.

If you don’t like it. Leave.

On a lighter note:

I welcome all intelligent conversation or constructive comments on my writing. This is a creative writing blog and a place to record my memories.

Thank you for stopping by,


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