Cum open

I finally had the house to myself.

I’d been discreetly rubbing between my legs for days, weeks possibly. My hand’s natural place is on my puffy mound, of course; always touching the tip of the inner sanctuary 💖 that peeks out solely for my pleasure… Rub just so, and my panties are wet instantly. But I also truly enjoy savoring the delicious anticipation..
Wet was the order of the day. Sushi anyone? I felt myself through my leggings and could feel that moisture. SLIP. Those came off faster than a Florida rain storm. Then I realized I better make certain the front door was locked too … no reason to temp fate. Besides, I was determined to orgasm. Half naked, I strode to the door in my tank top and socks. Click. Done.

Ready set go!

Alrighty then… time to play ..
I stretched back on my bed and covered myself slightly until my body heat rose. As I touched the parting of my hungry cunt, I could feel the excitement building. It had been so long since I’d been touched in love or passion. Too many years of doing without, or the wrong kind, and my brain had rewired into new neural pathways. The same tracks that coursed red hot fire through my veins. I needed release. Another link removed from the chain, a pardon from my own personal guards.

I no longer wanted to feel needed, I ache to feel wanted. The fantasies are my own, ONLY my own; and the *control* of my own power is the force behind the freedom from which I’ve been deficient  <—-This was my key. (Sex begins in the brain, sex always begins in the brain.)

Every moment of my life brings clarity, and this- yet another step along my personal sexual growth; and not only sexual, but as a human too. A little epiphany before ecstasy.


Thank you mystery being in the void. I needed that. And yes, I did cum. 2 or 3 times.  Upping that is something to look forward to… #goals 😉

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