did you think of me?

What did you do last night?
When you finally had a moment alone and the door was closed..
Did you yearn for release?
Were you filled with passion or pain?
Or painful passion?
A lustful urge? A prism of want and need..
Were you gagging to wank?
I can feel what that means, that wanton desire.
Did you think of me?
When your hand unzipped your trousers and worked it’s way inside, did you remember my fantasy?
Could you see me slide off your lap, under your desk where the story began?
Maybe you envisioned that hot chick at work walking by when I unzipped your pants.
Was it my slender fingers that touched your skin? Or was it hers?
Maybe both, mingling colors of caramelized chocolate and rosey cream.
My little tongue licking my lips.. as you closed your eyes and leaned back, sighing, your body heightening, straining, fingers sliding around your…
I wonder.. what do you think about when you touch yourself?..
Did you look at my pictures?
Where did your imagination take you?
Did you nibble on my breasts and look in my twinkly eyes?
Could you see yourself there? Touching the curve of my waist, stoking it softy.. leaving a trail up my spine.. kissing passionately, deeply, madly..
Did you want to ravage my body?
Would you come up behind me and bite me on the ass?
Or would you smack it first?
Did you want to slide up and take me from behind with a primal groan shoving you into the fantasy?
Would you fuck us both?
Or were there more?
One for you and one for me?
Men, women? MORE?
Was the house rocking and the walls shaking and the music blaring as we banged it out?!
How many sweet glistening bodies wrapped around the walls, chairs, furniture of your inner most thoughts?
Did you tie me up for your pleasure?
Strap me to a table and force me to cum for you? Over and over and over
Hmm.  Ok, maybe that’s my fantasy…
What would you do to me?
Behind that closed door, in the recesses of the dark?
How deep did it go down that rabbit hole?

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